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Best Ghost Non Theatrical Tour in St. Augustine
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The nation's Oldest City boasts the best ghost tours around. After all, St. Augustine has endured four turbulent centuries of bloody French, Spanish and British conquests, Seminole uprisings, the Civil War, ruthless pirates, rumrunners and Prohibitionists and good old fashioned love-gone-bad scenes. These all make for a surplus of spirited stories in our beloved city, the oldest permanent European settlement on the North American continent.

GhoSt Augustine Ghost Tours is St. Augustine's original paranormal store, selling professional ghost hunting equipment and considered by staunch believers, hardcore skeptics and curious tourists alike to offer St. Augustine's best ghost tours. We have four distinct tour options, each of which highlights a different area of historic St. Augustine.

Among our best-known ghost tours is the GhoSt Augustine Hearse Ride Tour. You'll ride in gothic style through the town's darkest alleyways and around shadowy corners into hidden spots too small for larger tour vehicles to reach. As your tour group creeps along, you'll hear the ghastly tales of former St. Augustine residents whose spirits linger centuries after their deaths. According to documented research, some seek revenge, some still search for lost loves and some simply go about their once-daily routines as if in denial of their untimely demises. Most, however, are friendly and, when asked politely, let their presences be known via visible orbs, skin-chilling sensations and flashes on our authentic K-II EMF Ghost Meters, the same ones used in the famous episode of Syfy's TAPS, wherein investigators discovered paranormal activity at the L.A. home where Charles Manson's murderous followers killed actress Sharon Tate and her friends in 1969. Not only will you enjoy a sampling of St. Augustine's most terrifying tales, you'll get a bit of hands-on training in paranormal investigation.

If you're a fan of spirits (of the liquid sort), opt for GhoSt Augustine's Haunted Pub Tour or Pub Hearse Ride. Our Haunted Pub Tour is a walking jaunt to several of the Oldest City's most spirited pubs. You will spend about 40 minutes at each, allowing plenty of time to soak up spirits of both the liquid and the ethereal varieties (so long as you're 21 or older, of course. Underage tour guests and designated drivers enjoy free sodas). Many of St. Augustine's creepiest tales, especially those of doomed lovers, take place in the city's pubs and all are documented, factual histories. Afraid you'll be dead tired after all that walking? Opt instead for our Pub Hearse Tour, which combines the best of our Hearse Ride Tour and our Haunted Pub Tour. You'll pass multiple haunted spots including aged cemeteries and inns where paranormal activity abounds, plus visit several local pubs reported to be haunted by long-dead revelers.

For the budding paranormal investigator, our best ghost tours are the Haunted St. Augustine Tour and our Total Paranormal St. Augustine Tour. Both expert-led tours provide you with the basics of paranormal investigations including how to spot phenomena that constitutes a genuine haunting and how to use basic paranormal investigative equipment, plus a walking tour of St. Augustine's most active sites. The Total Paranormal St. Augustine Tour also includes a midnight ride through the town's darkest, least traveled south end of town. To reserve your spot on any of these must-try-before-you-die ghost tours, call 866-266-6641.

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