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Christy sent us her photo showing an apparition of one of the child ghosts at St. Augustine Lighthouse park. This photo can be seen on our fb page and the amazing story of how she and her husband interacted with the famous child girl ghosts at the park. Please check out our fb to see the picture. For some reason we can not presently post pictures here in our web-site blog anymore. As the monthly winner Christy wins a brand new K2 EMF meter. Congrats and thanks Christy!

To enter our monthly photo contest – please send in a photo taken on one of our St. Augustine ghost tours or from one of the haunted sites that we visit on our tours. Our email is and you can also send the photo through facebook. We are looking for evidence of the paranormal in the pictures and the picture in which our management team most clearly see possibly proof of the paranormal will be declared the monthly paranormal photo winner.

Happy New Year! Its your happy ghost hostess, Tracy, signing on to tell you that there have been some exciting happenings here in America’s Most Haunted City this holiday season. We have been seeing increased activity at the Lighthouse, and the Castillo de San Marcos on our Haunted St. Augustine Tours, and Hearse Rides. I’ll start with my own eye witness testimony, and move onto some incredible sighting’s from Eddie, our hearse driver.

As many of you know, St. Augustine was subject to several serious epidemics, that claimed the lives of many young people. As a result, some of our spirits in resident are young and of the playful, friendly sort….I realize, this may disappoint some of you! However, we get a lot of interaction out of them, and through the use of our KII meters we are able to ask simple “yes” and “no” questions, for intelligent responses. We have gotten KII spikes at the Prince of Wales restaurant in tandem with a noise from the inside of the house when all was closed and dark, at the Tolomado Cemetery in front of the grave of five year old James in response to the promise of a peppermint, and at the Huguenot Cemetery whenever I mention people being buried alive. Join one of our tours one night, and you are very likely to witness some of this phenomena yourself!

Next, on report from Eddie, our Haunted Hearse driver, the activity at the lighthouse has been increasing….All I can tell you is that if you plan a hearse ride prepare to delve into some of St. Augustine’s dark history. Eddie has reported increased activity in the woods surrounding the lighthouse including KII activity which he believes to be children, and dark shadows moving through the trees. We are currently investigating the origins of these shadows as we are reasonably sure they are not the spirits that we have encountered before. We’ll keep you updated on that.

Meanwhile, we have several pictures to share that were taken by a tour guest. There are two photo that have what appear to be a strange mist in them. I was out that night and can verify that the atmospheric conditions were dry, clear and warm. In addition, we had no smokers in the area. The other two are of possible apparitions. The figures on the tree could be the spirits of Mary and Eliza who perished in an accident at the lighthouse. They are known for being spotted on that tree. The other is taken at the city gate, and appears to be a grainy figure. I was present when this photo was taken and no one was in the area where the figure appears.  We don’t claim that they are “paranormal” but consider the possibility and let us know what you think!

All photo credits go to Alex Wins

Saturday, May 21, 2011

(actually: Sunday, 00:15, May 22, 2011)

While on tour with the evening’s GhoSt Augustine Hearse Tour guests, our second stop, the Kenwood Inn, allowed for a most exciting event.  I had just shared my only live/visual paranormal experience, which happened at the Mission of Nombre de Dios more than 15 years prior. This prompted a “tongue & cheek” discussion about how we were all about due for more a substantial experience with the paranormal; we had become “bored” with our photographs of just orbs…oh, the plight of ghost hunters…

As I was telling the story of the Bay view Room (Captain’s Wife on the Widow’s Walk) one of my guests discreetly got the attention of his wife to point out what he had been watching in the windows of the room referred to in the story.  The wife, not so discreetly, focused everyone’s attention on the windows.  What we noticed was a green glowing spot of light moving about in the windows. There are 2 windows that face east behind the widow’s walk balcony.  The light moved back & forth from one side of the window to the other, then from one window to the other. It would grow in size from a tennis ball concentration of the light to an ambient glow of green that would take up most of one window. The light was obviously coming from inside the room; there was no green cast of light on the building exterior as the light moved between windows.

The five of us were absolutely mesmerized for what seemed like five minutes; we just watched & tried to make sense of what was taking place. I became certain that someone inside the room was playing a prank on us by using a cell phone to create the look of something “paranormal”. To potentially antagonize the pranksters into revealing themselves, I pointed my flashlight beam into the windows.

I could not see any figure standing close enough to the window that would explain the cell phone theory. I then shook the flashlight to rapidly move the beam back & forth over the windows. The green light mimicked my movements; we definitely thought it was a prank.

To make matters more interesting, a second light appeared between the curtain & glass in the left window: an intense white ball of light with blue halo burned fast & hot then dissipated in a downward motion. The agitation of the green glow escalated, & the increased activity caused the curtains to billow slightly by the light’s motion. I was convinced the event was a prank & would contact the Kenwood Inn the next day to confirm my suspicion by finding out if the room was occupied.
The owner of the Kenwood Inn shared some interesting details about the room(s) in question. The two windows of the widow’s walk are no longer part of the same room.  Also, I was assured the two occupants would not have been the type to carry off such a well choreographed prank. They were two older women in St Augustine on business for the Florida School of the Deaf & Blind.

Well…how ’bout that…what a great tour… You never know what is going to happen on GhoSt Augustine’s Original Hearse Ride!!

Lori Reber was recently a guest on our Haunted St. Augustine Paranormal Tour and took this interesting photo at the Huguenot Cemetery. It shows the image of a young woman on Nellie Porter’s grave which is believed to be here. Beuatiful photo on one of GhoSt Augustine’s many ghost tours! You never know what might show up in your photos on one of our tours, especially with Dr. Harry Stafford PhD in Parapsychology.

GhoSt Augustine recently launched it’s newest tour, The Dead Walk! Fabulous ghost tour that takes you through the dark and narrow streets on St. Augustine’s south side of the plaza. Hear the ghostly tales a lot of other tours don’t know about.

Hope you will join us soon on one of our haunted adventures.

We want to thank Christopher Pitcher for sending us this photo after attending GhoSt Augustine’s Original Hearse Ride here in St. Augustine. This photo was taken at the National Cemetery with two interesting energy ribbons over the pyramids at the nation’s smallest National Cemetery.  You never know what may happen on a ghost tour in St. Augustine, FL, especially on our hearse ride!!

Thank you, Christopher for sending this in!!

We want to thank Becky Allen for taking this interesting photo at the National Cemetery while on our Ghost Augustine Hearse Ride. Take a ride to the south side of St. Augustine and over to the world famous St. Augustine lighthouse in a haunted hearse. Here the ghostly tales as you ride through the dark narrow streets of the nations oldest city. Make sure you bring your cameras because you never know what you may capture while on a ghost tour in St. Augustine. Thanks again, Becky for sending us the photo!!


Recently one of our GhoSt Augustine Hearse Ride guests, David Buck, took a photo of our 1974 hearse (known as Tariqa) during the ghost tour and captured a fascinating paranormal mist. Tariqa is known to be a very haunted hearse!!
Thank you so much, David, for sending it to us.

Barbara Billiot Stage recently took this photo while on GhoSt Augustine’s Haunted St. Augustine Tour. Awesome photo and thank you for sending it in!

Make sure you check out one of our ghost tours while in St. Augustine. You never know what might show up in your photos.

This photo was recently taken by one of our guests on GhoSt Augustine’s Hearse Ride, the Original Hearse Ghost Tour in St. Augustine. Becky Allen took this photo at St. Augustine’s National Cemetery. It almost appears like there is a dark shadow figure near one of the headstones in the back of the photo. You never know what you may encounter when visiting a cemetery in a haunted hearse!

Mary K Schumacher captured this orb on GhoSt Augustine’s Original Hearse Ride at the world famous St. Augustine Lighthouse.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Thank you for sending us your photo, John!

The truth is out there, we just have to find it… hope to see you soon on GhoSt Augustine’s Total Paranormal Tour. The tour that lets you investigate and teaches you the proper ways to conduct an investigation, plus tells you the history of Parapsychology and where the studies began. Approx. 4-4.5 hours long, it combines the walking Haunted St. Augustine Tour and the Hearse Ride. You get the best of both worlds. For more details just give us a call at 904-824-8840 or check this website for more details.

“Hey Ty, we had a great time on your tour. We found it to be so much fun and informative. This picture was taken last time we were on the tour in March.

We were walking from one bar to the next and we randomly took this picture and the orb was right there. I hope this can help.”

Thanks a lot!
Jackie, Steve, & Jim


Actual pictures taken from our tours
(not altered in any way)


Click on the pictures to enlarge them

Lighthouse Ghost looking out of the window

girlghostTake a good look at this picture. The left pane on the second row from the bottom of the window shows a face from behind the window staring at the camera. There is a part of a hand that is shown on the pane to the left of the face. Could this be the apparition of the ghostly little girl who haunts these premises?

In the early 1870s three girls of the five kids playing among the construction equipment died in a freak accident. Maria Pittee, Elizah Pittee and a servant girl (unnamed). One of these girls is believed to still haunt these premises. Multiple ghosts haunt this lighthouse and was dubbed “the Monalisa of hauntings” by the Ghost Hunters (TAPS) seen on the Sci Fi channel.

This picture was taken during the hearse tour by one of our guests from Hollywood Florida.


Victorian house ORB


Here is one of our hearses parked at the lighthouse. The night was cool and dry with no dust or insects present. The lighthouse ghosts have been photographed outside the lighthouse in the property’s spooky premises.

A closer look at this orb shows a classic energy pattern. Click on the picture to get a closer look at this ORB.

This picture was taken during the hearse tour by one of our guests from Palm Coast Florida.


Victorian house ORB


ORB! Orbs are directly related to paranormal phenomenon. Usually one or two orbs are seen in pictures where ghosts are present. When the ORBs are enlarged, some sort of apparition is seen pertaining to the haunting.

This picture was taken on a cool dry day with no rain or dust flying around. The ghost of Louise is believed to haunt these premises and she is very possessive of the house, subsequently, an ORB is seen by the addict in this picture.

A closer view of this ORB reveals a face looking to the right of the screen. It seems to be the profile of an elderly woman with sunken eyes. Louise was elderly when she died. Is this the apparition of Louise?

Picture taken July 27th 2006 by a couple from Ocala Florida.


Ghostly ORB in haunted pub

This particular orb was located above the roof of our hearse and was caught on camera. Note the orb on top of the hearse shown below enlarged.


Is it a camera lens reflection? We don’t think so. The construction of this orb makes it unusual because it contains color and a ring around the sphere. This makes it very authentic. Does this mean that our hearse is haunted? The only way to find out for sure is if you take a ride with us.


ORB at the Captain’s Haunted Mansion

This stately mansion is considered one of the most beautiful homes in St. Augustine and is haunted by the ghost of a woman. An ORB is seen hovering in front of the attic where the woman died.


A closer look reveals two figures within the orb. A stern looking man on the left of the ORB which probably depicts the Sea Captain’s apparition. To his right in the ORB there is a smaller face which depicts the picture of a woman with long hair. The woman that died is said to have had long hair and was very beautiful. Her husband, the captain was a very jealous man.


Tombstone ORB caught on our pub tour

toomstoneorb One of our Pub Tour guests sent this picture to us taken while passing one of many haunted cemeteries in town. The ORB captured in this picture has a classic energy structure. A true ball of energy and varied in color. Arrows added to the picture by the person who sent us this impressive shot highlight the ORBs.

Pub Tour Ghost

Another one of our Pub Tour guests sent this picture to us taken in one of the haunted pubs we go to on our tour. Note the ghostly streak at the bottom of the stairs towards the banister. Nobody was there, yet the camera caught this apparition.

ghost-top-of-stairs harry_s_zoom_in

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