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Best Ghost Non Theatrical Tour in St. Augustine

Fan started spinning by itself on Everdark Express

Recently on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle, the entire tour dodged out of the upstairs of the haunted pub. The ceiling fan that was not turned on started by itself spinning at full speed.

Ghost Hug

Our Tour Guide David who also works in our stores reported this from the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle. Inside the haunted upstairs from the haunted pub on the tour David was using a pair of copper dowsing rods. He asked how a No looks like and the rods crossed inwards. He asked how he yes looked like and the dowsing rods spread 45 degrees outwards away from each other. He proceeded and had a chat with the ghost and got remarkable Yes and No answers that all made sense. In the end of the session he asked the ghost if he could get a hug and the rods spun out 180 degrees and embraced him on each side!

Suspected ghost makes tour group panic

All our guests rushed out in panic from the haunted upstairs of the pub. This happened last Saturday – Nov 5th on our GhoSt Augustine Everdark Express ghost tour. Our outstanding tour guide Jeff reports: “Everyone ran out all at once. I did my best to get the group under control but they weren’t having it. A couple of the people looked back as they ran and said they saw something looking at them from the top corner of the back of the hallway when looking down the hallway from the front room. I didn’t see anything and assumed it must have been the infrared camera. They said it was not the infrared camera. We then left immediately shaken.” I will soon post more of what happened that night in the haunted upstairs of the pub prior to all 11 guests on the tour did a human stampede out the building. We’re going to retrieve the cam surveillance clip and post it on our facebook page.

the K2 meter and other Paranormal Equipment

The K-II meter is an amazing EMF meter and an outstanding general tool for paranormal research since it samples EMF levels at a very fast speed. Hence it is very reactive to a ghost that tries to manipulate the EMF field of  the K-II to alert us of its presence by setting of the led lights. The colorful lights makes it very clear to viewers that the K-II is registering changes in EMF levels that are erratic and were not there earlier. Hence unusual and unexplained. That is paranormal. It is easy to see from far away and in the dark – and looks great on TV. But the real remarkable thing is that the K-II meter is so good at creating results. And they have been proven time and time again to be co-relating with other evidence occurring on other type of meters and audio/video recorders and people hearing and seeing suspected evidence of the paranormal. One can also do Q & A sessions, if a willing spirit is around, and see the lights being triggered in response to questions. The K-II meter is also extremely reliable and sturdy. It is also lightweight, small in size so it fits in a pocket or purse easily. So one can always have one come along easily. Another great plus is that it is so easy to use.

B t w, if you already have one, consider having more than one since you then can 1) spread them out to monitor a larger area 2) do Q&A sessions where one meter represents Yes, another No and third something else and so on. 3) Always have one nearby to be ready to catch ghostly activity- in the car, in your bag, at home, in your office etc etc

Get your K2 meters or any other paranormal gear at our site ( or simply press the page link above saying GHOST GEAR) . Or come in to our store GhoSt Augustine store at 123 Saint George Street (open Fri-Sat) or its sister store Beerhammer’s Beer Gear (open daily 11 am to 9:15 pm) here in St. Augustine! Or call us 1-888-OLD-1565

Winner of September Paranormal Photo Contest

Congrats Ms. Tara Hund for capturing one of the child ghosts running in the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park in an amazing photo! She’s the September Winner of our monthly Photo Contest. The pic was taken on our Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle Ghost Tour of St. Augustine. The monthly winner receives a K2 EMF meter – one of the best tools for Paranormal Research. We’re very proud to be the company that saved it from being taken out of production 12 years ago and laid the foundation for its fame within the field of Ghost Hunting. It has become a must have tool for ghost hunters and it’s constantly seen on Paranormal TV shows.


Open for business again after Hurricane Matthew!

Good News! Ghost Tours Running again! We are open for business again! Most Pubs/Bars are not open again until tomorrow Tuesday Oct 11th – so today Monday Oct 10th we are not running the Original Haunted Pub Tour. We did not get flooded at any of our business locations. The businesses 2 blocks from us East- on the Bay Front – and South on King Street- got flooded with  at least 3 feet of water. So we were very lucky. The internet and phone service is not up yet at our 162 St. George Street – Beerhammer’s Beer Gear Store and the hallway at the mall at 123 St. George Street where our GhoSt Augustine store is – is being cleaned. So we are answering the phones and doing the bookings from our office today Monday Oct 10th 2016. We expect to have internet and phones working at Beerhammer’s again Tuesday and will be open there normal business hours.

Child ghost running at St. Augsutine Lighthouse in picture

One of the 3 child ghosts at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park were caught on camera by our tour guest Tara Hund on September 11th. Unfortunately I can for some reason not post photos here for some technical issue. Please take a look at it at our facebook page. It is an amazing photo where one see this girl in old fashioned dress running away and her hair flowing in the air. There were no other person out there and it was only Tara and her friend Shannon and our guide Brent on the tour. And they were not in that area.

It is well documented that 3 child ghosts around 10-12 years old haunt the area since their sudden and unfortunate death while playing on the lighthouse construction site in the summer of 1871. Other examples of paranormal phenomena that occur at the site on the tour is that our guests hear the girl ghosts foot steps running around and get touched by them. Sometimes we get their voices recorded and often they set off our K2 EMF meters. Sometimes their voices are picked up with live EVP over the P-SB7 spirit box.

Christy McCranie Hemphill month of July photo winner

Christy sent us her photo showing an apparition of one of the child ghosts at St. Augustine Lighthouse park. This photo can be seen on our fb page and the amazing story of how she and her husband interacted with the famous child girl ghosts at the park. Please check out our fb to see the picture. For some reason we can not presently post pictures here in our web-site blog anymore. As the monthly winner Christy wins a brand new K2 EMF meter. Congrats and thanks Christy!

To enter our monthly photo contest – please send in a photo taken on one of our St. Augustine ghost tours or from one of the haunted sites that we visit on our tours. Our email is and you can also send the photo through facebook. We are looking for evidence of the paranormal in the pictures and the picture in which our management team most clearly see possibly proof of the paranormal will be declared the monthly paranormal photo winner.

Lots of paranormal activity on the Everdark Express

We continue to have a lot of activity happening inside the 2 haunted buildings we enter on the Everdark Express Shadow Shuttle. On this riding ghost tour of St. Augustine our guests hear the stories of those 2 haunted buildings, a less visited kind of forgotten old cemetery, and the park at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. The tour guests also get to use a K2 EMF meter during the entire tour and the guide will show them various paranormal techniques and use equipment such as the P-SB7 Spirit Box for live EVP transmission. This is not a full fledged paranormal investigation. It is primarily a tour of these haunted sites and the true stories of their haunted history and what we have experienced out of the ordinary on the tours. For investigations of the 2 buildings we offer what we call ParaForce Investigations. Call us for more details. We also have the Haunted St. Augustine – a tour that introduces the guests to Paranormal Investigative techniques and the use of ones senses. The H.S.A. is a walking tour to the north side of town and currently enters one haunted building. We continually post on our fb page photos and videos and stories of what happens on our tours. Please follow us on fb for the latest updates!

Child ghosts interaction at playground on the Everdark Express tour

Child ghosts played with our tour guests! Christy McCranie Hemphill contacting us this month retelling the experience and sharing the photo. This is what she and her husband experienced on our Everdark Express SS ghost tour at St. Augustine Lighthouse Park in April of 2015 at about 2 am. “We played chase with the girl ghosts and we could hear their footsteps running around. We could hear them even when we all stood still. We asked them if they wanted to be pushed on the swings and the swings would start to move by themselves! We could feel their weight as we pushed them. While my husband pushed one and I the other we heard the footsteps of a third one that ran up to me and touched me! We felt a very happy feeling. But when we said goodnight and started to walk away there was a heavy feeling of sadness.” It is well documented in books, TV shows and often experienced on our tours that there are three female child ghosts at the St. Augustine Lighthouse Park. Typically, they interact the most with women and girls around their own age – about 10-12 years old. Come out on the Everdark Express ghost tour of St. Augustine with us to learn more and experience true paranormal activity!